Task 64
Task 64
SHC Task 64

Solar Process Heat

Project (Task) Objectives

The goal of the proposed Task is to help solar technologies be (and also be recognized as) a reliable part of process heat supply systems. These systems are hybrid supply systems and will have to be integrated in the upcoming developments of the digitalization of industrial production systems and their energy demand. Instead of focusing on component development, we will look at the overall (solar) system at process temperatures from just above ambient temperature up to approx. 400°C-500°C. Open research questions are the standardization of integration schemes on process level and on supply level and the combination with other efficient heat supply technologies. As a very important aspect, the experiences of numerous solar process heat markets throughout the world will be brought together to enable a market-oriented dissemination of existing and new knowledge.

The key objective of this new Task is to identify, verify, and promote the role of solar heating plants in combination with other heat supply technologies for process heat supply, such as fossil and non-fossil (biomass and biogas) fuel boilers, combined heat and power, heat pumps, or power-to-heat.