The deliverables, allocated to the 5 subtasks, are:

Subtask A: Integrated energy systems

D.A1  Compilation of reference applications for integrated energy systems with solar heating plants incl. representative load profiles

D.A2  General integration concepts and achievable renewable fraction of integrated energy systems

D.A3  Dimensioning and integration guideline for integrated energy systems

Subtask B: Modularization

D.B1  Integration schemes and interfaces more commonly used in commercial SHIP applications

D.B2  System/component modularization for SHIP applications

Subtask C: Simulation and design tools

D.C1  Guidelines for yield Assessment, including a Checklist for a standardized yield assessment according to the project phase (pre-feasibility, feasibility, proposal, etc.)

D.C2  Guidelines for implementing simulation tools for assessing and monitoring the performance of SHIP systems

Subtask D: Standardization/Certification

D.D1  Standardization Plan

D.D2  Proposal for new standardization work

D.D3  Standardization document SHIP-CWA - CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA)

D.D4  Proposal(s) for inclusion in Certification Scheme Rules

Subtask E: Guideline to market

D.E1  Collection of available solar process heat related national and trans-national research and funding programs

D.E2  Update on technology costs, statistics and cost reduction trends, including suitable energy cost evolution perspectives and promoting the use of LCOH as benchmark for the comparison of innovative heating/cooling production systems

D.E3  New trends on financing schemes and business models to SHIP and collection of available SHIP financing possibilities